2024 Chiapas Textile Study Tour

Deep into the Maya World we will explore the textile traditions

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Our programs are designed as learning experiences. We meet makers – weavers, potters, maestros mezcaleros, traditional cooks, wood carvers, sustainable farmers, designers, and more – about what is meaningful to them. We discuss ancient rituals and how they translate to now. We search for innovators, address cultural continuity, values, identity, and the social context in which people create.

Textile / Fashion Extravaganza

November 2023

You will meet artisans in their homes and workshops, enjoy local cuisine.

January 13-21

Oaxaca Textile + Folk Art Study Tour. We will explore predominantly the Mixtec pueblos.

March 7-12


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If you prefer, contact us directly at norma.schafer@icloud.com 

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