One day - Tlacolula Valley Textile Study Tour

We are your portal to Oaxaca! This one-day customized study tour takes you beyond Oaxaca City and into the villages along the Tlacolula highway to San Pablo Villa de Mitla. We schedule this excursion based on your travel plans and our availability. It is a menu-based, mixed-media approach to discovering the best artisans that the region has to offer. We visit where artisans live and work. We want to give you a guided cultural experience, personalized and deep. We have spent years developing relationships with the artisans we visit. This is NOT a “punch my ticket” tour.

tlacolula valley
You will visit four (4) of the following :
  1. A flying shuttle loom weaver 
  2. A wool rug family of weavers who works only in natural dyes 
  3. A women’s cooperative making leather-trimmed wool bags, 
  4. Silk weavers 

Duration: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What is included?
  • Transportation to/from Oaxaca City Historic Center
  • Translation
  • Expert explanations of art and craft
  • Curated visits to meet some of the best artisans we know
You will learn about the culture through the textiles

Tour cost is $375 USD for one or two people. $190 USD for each additional person.

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