Handwoven Wool Tote Bag, Cochineal Dye


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Hand-woven by a favorite women’s cooperative Taller Xiguia in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, this wool tote bag is lined with sturdy cotton, has two internal pockets — one is zippered. The entire bag has a secure zipper closure. Sling the leather straps over your shoulder if you like. The colors are all natural dyes featuring cochineal with an indigo over dye to make it a stunning deep purple color. Accent colors are dyed with pecan shell and natural color Churro sheep wool. The designs are Zapotec feathers derived from the stone carvings at the Mitla archeological site. I have watched this family make their bags. They are meticulous in their construction. Estella double ties the small wool tapestry before she sews it using a vintage treadle Singer sewing machine she inherited from her grandmother.  She also buys sheets of leather and cuts the straps herself to fit. Stunningly hand made.

Bag body size is 18″ wide x 15″ high. Straps are 26″ from end to end. Perfect for fashion dressing or use as a market bag.

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